Risk + Economy

In the Clear: Barriers to Recovery, Restoration and Relocation

Christy Kane
Dan Rees
Laura Tuggle
Thomas Mitchell
Susan Langenhennig

Moderator: Susan Langenhennig Granger

Recovering from the impact of a disaster is difficult on an emotional, financial and practical level. The issue of a “clear title,” without which there are creates significant barriers to mitigation, rebuilding, recovery and relocation efforts, owners cannot sell or lease the property, use it as collateral, obtain permits to make structural and non-structural changes to homes, or become eligible for federal or state funding to rebuild or relocate. Lack of clear title also affects the way regions deal with code enforcement, implementation of structural and non-structural programs, and due process. This panel will examine this issue and about how it plays a significant role in the way in which residents and governmental entities proactively plan for and rebound from emergency situations.