Achieving Equitable Climate Resilience: Data and Tools for Local Governments


Katherine Fox, FEMA,

Beth Kellar, ICMA,

Lois DeBacker, Kresge Foundation. 


Duration: 60 Minutes

Type of Session: Panel



Social inequity is deeply linked to climate change impacts, as a disproportionate number of low-income and disadvantaged Americans are affected by and unable to recover from natural disasters. The emerging equitable climate resilience (ECR) field has made great strides to reduce the impact of climate change on these individuals, but the field still lacks an understanding of local government awareness and action surrounding social equity and climate change.

The Kresge Foundation recently awarded the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS)  a grant to help fill this research gap, assist the ECR field better understand how to collaborate with local governments in shifting towards equitable climate resilience, and develop practical tools and resources to help public agencies plan for and achieve equitable climate and disaster management outcomes.

This session will bring together experts in equity, climate resilience, and local government to explore with conference participants the obstacles, opportunities, and resources that the public sector faces in addressing the intersection of social equity and climate change.