NEW Exclusive Opportunity 

Host an Expert Studio Break experience!


Q:  What is it?

A:  A quick-hitting mini educational session in our new Expert Studio location during one of the conference’s scheduled coffee breaks. Your company will be the coffee
break sponsor AND the subject matter expert-speaker…at the same time!

Designed as brief brain breaks, each “Snack Break” Session will feature a private sector partner, sharing new and innovative products
or breakthrough services while providing attendees the opportunity to stand, stretch, and enjoy refreshments.

Unique Sponsorship Advantages:

  • One sponsor per Snack Break session location
  • Assistance with Session Development
  • Unique attendee interaction



 “Snack Break” Application Details:

Limited in quantity, these sessions should serve to enhance ResCon offerings and forward advancements in resilience theory, innovation, or application. Topics can include new trends or research, new technology, new data, or innovative products, or services new to the emergency management or resilience field.

Interested sponsors are asked to submit presentation abstracts and relevant speaker / presentation information through the online portal.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Proposals: Currently open
  • Notification of Speakers: ASAP
  • Conference Sessions: April 19-21, 2022



The Selection Process:

  1. Submit application HERE
  2. Application review
  3. Receive feedback from the ResCon team 
  4. Submit required fees
  5. Work with ResCon team to complete planning



  • Minimum of 5 minutes
  • Maximum of 15 minutes


Key Elements:

  • Speaker Diversity
  • Attention-Grabbing Format – quick-hitting, action-packed content to keep attendees engaged.
  • Creative Facilitation – highly engaging, interactive, original, and memorable
  • Interactive or Networking Component – create connection and conversation
  • Defined Learning Outcome(s) –specific, achievable audience takeaways
  • Quantifiable Topic Title – Ex: “Top 3 Resiliency Tools Needed for 2021 and Beyond”


Note: these sessions may be recorded for greater participation from an online audience. Shorter formats work better for keeping audience engaged!


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