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Based in New Orleans — a globally recognized hub of resilience, disaster management, and innovation – ResCon is the premier international conference on the practice of successful resilience and disaster management in an evolving global environment. Plenary sessions, workshops, policy debates, best-practice reviews, thought leadership and peer networking events will serve to engage global and local thought leaders and promote participation from all who attend in an exploration of profound and powerful topics that impact communities and economies worldwide.


Q. What are the Registration Fees for?

A. The financial goal for ResCon, both the in-person and virtual events are the same – to break even. While our costs are lower during a virtual event, we still need to acquire licenses for the virtual platform to give you a seamless experience. The good news is with a reduction in costs, that savings is passed along to you! Holding this event virtually is a savings to all, AND you get more bang for your buck!