Pre-Conference Resiliency Tours

All 3 tours will take place concurrently on the morning of Tuesday, April 25th.

Space is limited for each. Sign-up with your conference registration.
*All content programming is subject to change.



Davis Pond Airboat Tour

Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion is a restoration project located on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Touring this project will include discussion on reducing saltwater intrusion and establishing favorable salinity conditions in the area, thus combating land loss. Explore by airboat.


Surge Barrier Boat Tour

Visit the 1.8-mile-long IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier, the largest design-build civil works project in the history of the USACE. The tour will cover the Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy, the framework used to design flood control and wetland restoration projects in coastal Louisiana. Explore by boat.


Pontilly Stormwater Network

Come visit and learn about the nearly $15.5M Hazard Mitigation Grant-funded project and how it’s reducing flood risk and beautifying green spaces in the Pontchartrain Park and Gentilly Woods neighborhoods of New Orleans.