About ResCon

About ResCon

ResCon is the premier annual international conference on the practice of successful resilience and disaster management in an evolving global environment.

This is a rebranding of a conference called International Disaster Conference and Expo (IDCE) that has brought over 800 registrants to New Orleans annually since 2012.

Based in New Orleans — a globally recognized hub of resilience, disaster management and innovation — this 3-day conference will bring a diverse mix of disaster and resilience practitioners to explore profound and powerful topics that impact communities and economies worldwide.

Plenary sessions, workshops, idea exchanges, best-practice reviews and peer networking events will engage and promote participation from all who attend.

Who should attend ResCon?

ResCon is attended by a diversity of sectors involved with resilience and disaster management.

Attendees represent a wide range of professionals that are involved in various aspects of resilience and disaster management:


How can you get involved?

ResCon offers a variety of ways to participate in the event and network with attendees from multiple sectors, cities and countries:


What does ResCon look like?


What topics are explored?

ResCon offers programming that touches on a wide range of topics: Economic Resilience, Emergency Management, Coastal Restoration and Water Management, Technology, Homeland Security, First Response, Business Continuity and all aspects of Disaster Resilience, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.