We are confident this schedule will deliver a successful and thought-provoking conference. Be inspired as you plan your year ahead. Network with industry colleagues and foster lasting connections. Preview a few of the hottest plenary session discussions to look forward to.


Where Does EM Stop & Resilience Begin?
Tuesday, April 25th

Panelists Include:
Marissa Aho, Policy Director & Chief Resilience Officer, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Russ Strickland, Secretary of Emergency Management, Maryland Department of Emergency Management
Dr. Wayne P Bergeron, Director, North Alabama Public Service Training Center, University of North Alabama
Jonathan Gaddy, SME, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS)
Dr. Royce Woodruff, University of North Alabama


Annual CRO Panel – “Building a Resilience Office + More”
Wednesday, April 26th




Annual Governor Update
Thursday, April 27th

 Gov. John Bel Edwards, State of Louisiana