Agenda Details


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Tuesday, December 4: Preparing Our Communities

9:00AM • Registration

9:30AM – 10:00AM • Governor’s Opening Address

10:00AM – 11:00AM • Opening Plenary: Reframing Resilience: 100 Resilient Cities at Five
Since the Rockefeller Foundation unveiled their monumental 100 Resilient Cities program in 2013, chief resilience officers have become elemental to creating sustainable, tangible goals for cities around the world. This session will feature a candid discussion with chief resilience officers in three U.S. cities and look at how they are providing strategies for complex problems while managing finite resources, politics, and expectations.
Jane Gilbert, Chief Resiliency Officer, City of Miami
Jeana Dunlap, Executive Advisor for Resilience, City of Louisville
Ramsey Green, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure, City of New Orleans
Andy Kopplin, President & CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation (moderator) 

11:15AM – 12:15PM • Concurrent Sessions




12:15PM – 1:30PM • Buffet Luncheon

1:30PM – 2:15PM • Plenary Session: Partnership for Our Working Coast: The Trajectory of a Public-Private Partnership
The Water Institute of the Gulf formed a Public-Private-NGO Partnership (P3+) to combine the resources and expertise of public, private, and NGOs to enhance coastal habitat and provide protection to critical infrastructure and communities, using the dredged material created by port expansion. Advanced science and engineering are being used to optimize the protective and habitat services provided by the restored ecosystems. This approach can serve as a model for collaborative planning and shared funding to construct nature-based defenses for infrastructure and communities. This plenary will look at a current example of how a major “P3+” partnership was formed around Port Fourchon noting the status, progress, and challenges of the initiative.
Tom Broom, Executive Account Manager, Danos
Ian Voparil, Business Impact and Continuity Manager, Shell
Ryan Clark, Research Scientist, The Water Institute of the Gulf
Simone Maloz, Executive Director, Restore or Retreat
Justin Ehrenwerth, President and CEO, The Water Institute of the Gulf (moderator)

2:15PM – 3:15PM • Discussion Lab – Leveraging Community Institutions to Better Prepare the Public

3:15PM – 3:45PM • Afternoon Break

3:45PM – 4:45PM • Keynote Fireside Chat: A Shift in National Response Policy
Dr. Daniel Kaniewski, Deputy Administrator for Resilience, FEMA
Col. Terry Ebbert, Director of Public Safety and Homeland Security, City of New Orleans (interviewer)

5:00PM – 6:30PM • Welcome Reception


Wednesday, December 5: Facing Disaster

8:00AM – 8:30AM • Continental Breakfast

8:30AM – 9:15AM • Plenary– New Orleans Water Leadership: Dialogues & Beyond
Born of necessity and nurtured by the character of place, the water resilience and climate adaptation expertise developed in New Orleans and Coastal Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina has become a resource for US coastal cities.An approach to water first shared by the Dutch has grown into a new locally-sustained paradigm, valuable as a model for adapting with science, adapting with character, and adapting with community. Beginning with Waggonner & Ball and the Royal Netherlands Embassy’s Dutch Dialogues® symposia and elaborated through the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan and the Resilient New Orleans strategy, multiple sectors across the region have embraced the potential of water to advance a range of social, economic, and civic goals. This plenary will discuss this evolution of public, private, and non-profit leadership and partnerships around water resilience in New Orleans and the translation of that expertise to other urban contexts, including ongoing projects in Norfolk, Virginia and Houston, Texas.

Ramiro Diaz, Architectural & Urban Designer, Waggonner & Ball Architecture/Environment
Colleen McHugh, Senior Adaptation Planner, The Water Institute of the Gulf

9:15AM – 10:30AM • Discussion Lab – Building Partnerships for Water Resilience

10:45AM – Noon • Concurrent Sessions




Noon – 1:45PM • Buffet Luncheon

2:00PM – 3:00PM • Plenary – State of Recovery: A Reporting of Recent U.S. Natural Disasters
This session will outline the state of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and North Carolina from Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Florence, respectively, and the various types of collaboration that have emerged in the aftermath of each. Hear the role Louisiana plays as a resource for other states anticipating and recovering from a disaster, and the philanthropic partnerships that have emerged in Puerto Rico following Maria.
Charlotte Porter, Director, Hub of Philanthropic Engagement-PR, FEMA
Michael Steele, Communications Director, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
H. “Butch” Browning, Louisiana State Fire Marshal Chief

3:00PM – 3:30PM • Break

3:30PM – 4:30PM • Innovation Preview & Cocktails
Matthew Marchetti, Founder, Crowdsource Rescue 
Craig Fugate, Chief Emergency Management Officer, One Concern

5:00PM – 7:00PM • Offsite Networking Social


Thursday, December 6: Looking Forward

8:00AM – 8:30AM • Continental Breakfast

8:30AM – 9:30AM • Concurrent Sessions




9:45AM – 10:30AM • Plenary Session – Smart Cities, Smart People: A Look at Cary, NC’s Dynamic Smart City Initiative
Studies show that nearly 2/3 of smart city projects either never leave the “pilot project” phase or fail outright. “Smart” technologies are often viewed as the silver bullet, but, the reality is that technology can be overwhelming and create additional unanticipated complications if not deployed correctly. A smart and resilient community requires the marriage of people, processes and technology to address resilience goals. The successful deployment of technology starts with first designing the processes and governance necessary to enable the kind of collaboration across the entire community. This panel will walk through how a community has taken a different approach based on the realization that technology is only an enabler to support new approaches to governance that can collaboratively design and implement solutions.
Sean Stegall, Town Manager, Town of Cary, North Carolina

Dan Ault, Assistant Town Manager and Chief Innovation Officer, Town of Cary, North Carolina
Bob Greenberg, CEO, G&H International (moderator)

10:45AM – 11:45PM • Discussion Lab – The Digital Resilience Wish List