2017 Plenary Session Descriptions

How to Build a Resilient City
Tuesday March 7, 2-3:15pm

Local governments are the closest level to the citizens and to their communities. They play the first role in responding to crises and emergencies, deliver essential services to their citizens and make investments in the economic and social well being of their citizens and communities. But moving from policy to practice requires work across agencies, the collaboration of multiple sectors and engagement of local organizations and community members. This plenary session will offer insight into how leaders can use a resilience framework to strategize, prioritize and implement policies and align their funding streams to build the resilience of their city.

Innovation Collaboration: Impact Driven Technologies in Times of Disasters
Wednesday, March 8, 4:30-6pm
When disaster strikes communities do not have time to deploy new technologies. So how do they find out about the tools available on a blue sky day? This year Silicon Valley is coming to you to share how companies work together to aid in times of crisis. Each of the panelists work within their companies to provide impact focused solutions leveraging their companies unique assets. Whether that’s Airbnb’s host community, Twilio’s voice & SMS software, Twitter’s alert capabilities, or Box’s cloud storage, they can all help you be more effective when every second counts.

A Conversation on Leadership in Action
Thursday, March 9, 9:00-10:15am
Leaders of successful entities have long recognized that building the resilience of their organizations in order to withstand and learn from unexpected disruptions is essential to long-term viability. With a world more interconnected than ever before, the health of the global economy and success of our communities is even more reliant on the collaboration between government, non-profit, philanthropic and private sectors. This plenary will examine which strategies leaders use in their respective sectors – such as new products in the marketplace, partnerships with communities or the bully pulpit – and work together to build resilience at the local, national and international levels.